Doha, 26 March 2022 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mevlut Cavusoglu participated in Doha Forum 2022. He addressed as part of the panel and emphasized the need of assisting Russia and Ukraine.

He urged to help both sides in seeking a way forward of ending the war while continuing to emphasize that the infringement on Ukrainian sovereignty is unacceptable.

During the discussion with the panel of the Doha Forum, He expressed his hope that the Russian and Ukrainian Presidents are negotiating important and major issues “under the table” that they will agree and opine to reach a ceasefire agreement with the need to follow the efforts to achieve this goal.

Further, he added that Turkey is working as a facilitator cum mediator to find a solution to the crisis by bringing both contentious sides together at one agenda to find a safe exit in a safe way.

He denoted that Ukraine understands that joining NATO will not happen because many European allies reject its membership and Georgia.

Ukraine does not have the laxity of choosing between Europe and Russia. Ukraine must balance its policy with everyone as Ukraine has a balance in foreign policy, especially with Europe and the West.

The Turkish Foreign Minister added that holistically, the Russian-Ukrainian war has badly affected all the states. Prompt elevation of energy prices in the world is also the result of the crisis.

Therefore, the bloodshed must be stopped and a strategy must be devised for paving the ways for dialogues between the warring states.

On asking about S – 400 Missile System Deal, He explained that Turkey has purchased it from Russia. On asking about its impacts on its relationship with NATO, he explained that said missile system has been purchased purely on a need basis.

Further, he added that Turkey’s Policy of Armament Process is totally based on what Turkey needs from their allies, if Turkey does not find it from allies then it moves ahead towards others to buy. By keeping the country’s priorities at first, it cannot wait for years.

Mevlut Cavusoglu also discussed the various facets of the Turkish economy i.e. achieving the balance in the currency rate constancy, growth rate of the economy, diversification of energy sources and the investment in renewable energy matters, etc.

Further, he added that Turkey is nearly 70 percent self-sufficient in the production of its defense needs. Presently, Turkey is working on the production of ‘Air Defense Systems’ such as locally produced drones and other alternatives.

He highlighted a significant increase in the level of income per capita of Turkey, as it became 10,000 dollars after it was 3000 dollars over the past 20 years.

Despite the successive crises that the world has recently witnessed, Turkey is among the G20 and its growth rate during the first quarter has reached up to 5 percent.

By denoting the financial crises of Russia due to sanctions he told that Turkey is not among the countries that impose sanctions on Russia, Russians are allowed to enter and work in Turkey.

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