Turkish Embassy in Somalia hosts Chinese Ambassador to Somalia

Turkish ambassador to Somalia (Left), with Chinese ambassador to Somalia (Right)

Mogadishu, 20 October 2021 (TDI): The Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu hosts FEI Shengchao, the newly appointed Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Somalia.  During the meeting, both ambassadors discussed the cooperation of Turkey and China with Somalia.

The relationship between Turkey and Somalia started with the Ottoman Empire, and China too has always kept cordial relation with Somalia. The ambassadors discussed measures for the betterment of Somali people.

Turkish companies run Mogadishu International Airport and Mogadishu Sea Ports in Somalia. Since 1992, the Turkish government has supported the Somali youth by providing several higher education scholarships.

Furthermore, with China, Somalia was the very first East African country to begin bilateral relations on 14 December 1960. Both countries enjoys strong and brotherly ties.

According to a Chinese poem, “Good friends feel close to each other even when a vast distance separates them.” Although both countries are geographically far apart, they possess a friendly relation.

The cooperation of Turkey and China can bring sustainable development in Somalia. Both Turkey and the People’s Republic of China can help in building peace and security in the Federal Republic of Somalia.

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