Islamabad, 21 July 2022 (TDI): Ambassador of Turkiye to Pakistan, Mehmet Pacaci, called on the Federal Defense Minister, Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Wednesday to express satisfaction over bilateral relations between the two countries.

The officials in the meeting expressed contentment over the bilateral understanding of emerging situations in the region and around the globe.

Both parties also discussed cooperation in the areas of shared interest, including security, counterterrorism, and tackling the developing situation in the region.

Defense Minister Asif said Pakistan and Turkiye have excellent fraternal ties built on shared beliefs, values, culture, civilization and historical linkages, mutual trust, and support.

In addition, he highlighted that Pakistan-Turkiye bilateral relations had been institutionalized and formalized under the forum of the High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council (HLSCC).

Moreover, the Minister valued the defense cooperation between Pakistan and Turkiye.
He emphasized enhancing Pakistan’s capabilities through defense industrial collaboration and regular exchange of training, delegation exchanges, course exchanges, and joint exercises.

Emerging regional Issues in Pakistan

Discussing the regional issues, the minister underlined that the Kashmir issue and the water crises played a crucial role in India-Pakistan relations. They also stressed that in line with the UN resolutions, a just solution was required for the region to experience enduring peace.

Lastly, he expressed Pakistan’s concerns over the brutality of the Indian Army toward innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in the light of the revocation of articles 370 and 35-A of the Indian Constitution in August 2019.

Pak-Turkiye Bilateral relations

Since Pakistan’s creation, Turkiye and Pakistan have formed a close friendship and brotherly relations.

The two countries’ assistance to one another in overcoming the most severe obstacles, such as during times of natural disasters, contributed to the development of friendly relations. This further led to the strengthening of intimate ties between the people.

To significantly enhance trade and investments, particularly in transportation, manufacturing, tourism, and other areas, both countries have attempted to construct a preferential trading agreement.