Romania and Mexico celebrate Anniversary

Romania and Mexico celebrated the 87th Anniversary of their bilateral relations on 20 July. Both countries established diplomatic relations officially in 1935.


Bucharest, 22 July 2022 (TDI): Romania and Mexico celebrated the 87th Anniversary of their bilateral relations on 20 July. Both countries established diplomatic relations officially in 1935.

The Mexican Ambassador, Guillermo Ordorica gave a speech remarking on the ties of friendship and brotherhood between both countries.


According to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the first bilateral documents signed between both date back to 1880. In those documents, Romania declared its independence and Mexico recognized it.

This means that the Romanian King notified about the independence in April, and in November; Porfirio Diaz answered acknowledging successfully the independence. Diaz also expressed an interest to establish diplomatic relations with the newly-independent country.

From the period 1885-1926; there were several attempts to establish a Romanian Honorary Consulate in Mexico that failed. Their relationship got renewed when Mexico joined the League of Nations in 1931.

Both took a step to establish diplomatic relations four years later at the level of delegations headed by the Foreign Ministers. In 1935, Dimitrie Drăghicescu arrived in Mexico as Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Minister.

Months later, the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs received Drăghicescu; where Hay declared the profound sympathy of the Mexican people to the Romanians. In response, Drăghicescu expressed the willingness to receive a Mexican diplomatic representative in Romania.

According to Drăghicescu; Romania also expected Mexico to name a Minister in Bucharest. In 1936, Drăghicescu formally presented his credentials to President Cardenas but four years later both broke relations.

A year later, both countries formally broke relations with the declaration of war from the US. In 1973, when both countries re-established relations at the level of embassies. It was in 1989 when Romania and Mexico formally restarted their bilateral relations.


Currently, both countries have intense cooperations that they seek to keep promoting. Romania and Mexico cooperate in several sectors like the car, steel, and energy industries. For example, in 2014, the trade between both countries reached 487 million dollars.

The incorporation of Romania in 2007 into the EU made it a strong economic partner for Mexico; due to the free trade agreement between the EU and Mexico.


Romania represents an adventure for the tourists willing to discover everything it has in store. There is for every taste, cultural/historical and natural. Recommended to see Bran Castle, Peleș Castle, the Parliament Palace; Hunyad Castle, Roman Athens, Salina Turda.

Further sightseeing spots for the tourists are Satului Museum, Stavropoleos Citadel; Râșnov Citadel, the Black Church, Arcul de Triumf, King Mihai I Park (Herăstrău); Poenari Castle, Happy Cemetery of Sapantza.

Finally, the tourists can see the National Museum of Art; Bâlea Lake, Hoia Forest, Council Square, Retezat; Palatul Mogoșoaia, Tâmpa, Steel Doors, Cantacuzino Castle; Cheile Turzii, Castelul Pelișor, Red Lake among others.


Mexican citizens can go to Romania without having a visa, but when they arrive it is necessary to go to an immigration counter to request it. It has a maximum duration of three months.

To get the visa, the Romanian authorities request several documents to grant it. For example; it is necessary to give a health document, which is the negative covid-19 test result.

Other necessary documents are the vaccination document; passport, travel itinerary; and proof of funds.


To enter Mexico, Romanians do not need to have a visa if they plan to stay less than 180 days. Mexico demands that tourists not make any lucrative activities during their stay.

The country requests that Romanian tourists besides having a visa need to have a valid passport, proof of means, hotel accommodation or invitation letter; return ticket, and FMME form.