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The theme for the upcoming OIC Session announced


Islamabad, 16 March 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi shared that the theme for the upcoming OIC CFM session is ‘Partnership for Unity, Justice, and Development ‘.

The Foreign Minister shared the theme in a press briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, today.

The mentioned forthcoming OIC CFM’s 48th session is scheduled to be held on March 22, 23 in the federal capital Islamabad, Pakistan. What makes this session even more important is that it is coinciding with the 75th-anniversary celebrations of Pakistan’s independence, the Foreign Minister stated.

OIC meeting coincides with 75th-anniversary celebrations of Pakistan’s independence – credits FM’s Public Diplomacy official Twitter account

Initially, during the briefing, Shah Mahmood Qureshi mentioned Pakistan’s successful hosting of the 17th Extraordinary Session of OIC CFM.

Then coming towards the forthcoming session he expressed his satisfaction that so far participation of 48 Foreign Ministers is confirmed. The number might increase he added.

OIC’s Importance

Talking about the significance of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, he stated that OIC is the second-largest multilateral forum after the United Nations. The forum not only represents ummah but is also the voice of over 2 lac Muslims. Pakistan, being one of the founding members holds great significance.

OIC CFM 48th Session happening on ‘critical juncture’

Mentioning some events, Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated that the session is happening at a critical point in time.

He termed it as a ‘critical juncture’ while referring to the following :

  • the ongoing cries of Kashmiris for justice
  • the ongoing cries of Palestinians for justice
  • the rampant Islamophobia, hate speech across the globe and particularly in India
  • the food insecurity and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan
  • the Covid-19 pandemic’s profound impact on economies
OIC CFM 48th Session’s Theme

After shedding light on why the times are critical, Foreign Minister made clear the objectives Pakistan wants to achieve from the session.

To summarize the objectives the theme was unveiled, which is ‘Partnership for Unity, Justice, and Development ‘.

  • Unity

Pakistan aims to promote unity among the Muslim states. Pakistan has good relations with all the member states, that is why it would like to play the role of ‘bridge building’ among the states.

By doing so the voice of ummah would become more effective, Foreign Minister stated.

  • Justice

The session would aim to seek justice for the oppressed states of Kashmir and Palestine. Combined efforts will be pit in for passage of resolutions, Foreign Minister added.

To combat the issues of Islamophobia and hate for Hijab, an effective voice will be raised from the OIC platform.

  • Development

The socio-economic development of the member states will be considered. A joint framework and plan would be developed to combat the negative impact of COVID-19 in the member states. Joint efforts will be done, Foreign Minister stressed.

All such measures and much more will be discussed in the upcoming session in Islamabad on 22nd and 23rd March.

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