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The International African Diaspora Day Celebrated all Over The World


Washington, 31 Aug 2021 (TDI): International Day For African diaspora around the globe was celebrated today for the first time to end all forms of discrimination.
Celebrating this day, the United Nations released a statement condemning the extraordinary practice and excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies around the world against Africans and people of African descent. Also, the statement underscored the Transatlantic Slave Trade as one of the darkest times of history.
The international day is a time for reflection to promote the values of cultural diversity, dialogue, and development all over the world. This is a day to recognize the importance of equality, justice, and nondiscrimination in order for all human beings to have equal rights, dignity, and well-being in society.
Last year, COVID 19 highlighted the importance of addressing long-standing social inequalities and institutional racism in the health sector.

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