Damascus, 1 March 2022 (TDI): Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad received Senior Assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting of the two parties, the discussion revolved around the bilateral relations between Syria and Iran.

In addition, they discussed the efforts made by institutions from both parties to enhance cooperation in all fields with an emphasis on the economic sector, to serve the interests of the two friendly countries and peoples.

Nevertheless, the meeting also dealt with the political process and the upcoming rounds of negotiations on tracks Astana and Geneva. The two parties stressed the importance of these negotiations.

Nonetheless, proceeding without external interference and according to a clear strategy and methodology in order to achieve tangible results. The Senior Advisor to the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs briefed Al Assad on the latest developments in the Iranian nuclear file.

Similarly, the progress of the negotiation process can reach positive results. But he added only if Western countries respect all obligations and requirements related to this file.

On the other hand, they discussed developments in the regional and international arenas. Especially the crisis that the West has created between Russia and Ukraine.

The meeting also touched on the immoral practices that he practices to fuel the crisis. In addition to the transfer of extremists from different parts of the world to that region.

Moreover, they recalled the imposition of sanctions on the Russian people as they were imposed on the Syrian and Iranian peoples before.

Khamenei Comments

Through his Twitter account, Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei commented on the Ukrainian Russian conflict. He said that the US is a manifestation of modern ignorance, discrimination, oppression & creating crises in the world today.

Moreover, he declared that the US regime creates crises, lives off of crises & feeds on various crises in the world. Lastly, he declared that Ukraine is another victim of this policy.