Sudan’s PM met with Special Envoy of UN’s SG


Khartoum, 03 September 2021 (TDI): Prime Minister’s Office Sudan released a statement about the invitation for Sudan to attend the summits of Kinshasa and Kigali. These summits will focus on the close ties for peace, development and will discuss strengthening the cooperation of the region to resolve the ongoing issues. Therefore, Sudan must have to play its role.
The PM Sudan Abdalla Hamdok with his council of ministers met with the United Nations Special Envoy for the Lakes Region, Hong chia, and his delegation at the PM’s office. This meeting was the result of the participation of the Special Envoy of the UN’s Secretary-General in the workshop of the International-Great lakes Conference to combat illegal trade and exploitation of natural resources. During the meeting, the Prime Minister thanked and praised the efforts of UN and Lake Organizations for saving Lakes Region and taking actions against illegal trade and exploitation of resources. Moreover, the efforts of Sudan were also praised in the democratic transformation. Sudan has played an important regional role in the region of the Great Lakes. Hong Chia also pointed out that the United Nations is currently strengthening coordination between UN programs and agencies in the framework of the development of an integrated regional strategy for peace and development in the Lakes Region.

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