Ankara, 28 December 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Turkiye, Saranya Hassanthi presented the credentials to the President of Turkiye, Tayyip Erdogan as she is set to resume her post.

The just-ended orientation of the various positions of the various Foreign Ministries to their respective position was championed by the Foreign Minister of the country, Ali Sabry.

According to the course, she presented her credential to start her duty as the Ambassador-designate to that country.

The President on her arrival received her at his office. Where pleasantries took place and they further discussed certain issues regarding national interest.

Touching on the issue of bilateral relations, they established a ground standing on the need to keep the relations stronger.

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The President also congratulated her on her appointment and promised to assist in all the duties assigned. Also, she will be working hard to ensure that the relations between Turkiye and Sri Lanka continue to grow even stronger.

Likewise, Saranya Hassanthi thanked the President for the kind treatment given to her and the delegation. She also assured of her capabilities to deliver the duties assigned to her for the good of both countries.

Emphasizing that, Sri Lanka is open to any cooperation leading to the national development of the country.

In line with the above, Sri Lanka appointed several designated heads of missions to various countries according to the country’s constitution and foreign policy, as part of the country’s aim to promote bilateral relations among many countries.

The leadership Ambassador will serve as one of the leading members of the country’s negotiator to the designated country. She will ensure that nationals of Sri Lanka leaving in Turkiye are protected and supported in all aspects of international relations.

Turkiye-Sri Lanka relations

It is pertinent to note that, Turkiye and Sri Lanka have long-standing relations which bind them together. For over the year now they have kept that relationship especially the trade and investment aspect of the country.