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Spokesperson Wang’s remarks on US Policies on China, Gaza


Beijing, 14 March 2024 (TDI): The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin expressed dissatisfaction with the US approach towards China and Gaza during a regular press conference on March 13, 2024, discussing bilateral relations between the two countries.

China and the United States have a complex diplomatic relationship, with both productive and controversial aspects. Both countries are members of the UN Security Council and have had disagreements on certain issues.

Spokesperson Wang said, “Whoever becomes the US President, we hope the US will follow the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation, and work with China in the same direction for the steady, sound, and sustainable growth of China-US relations”.

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Displeasure toward US stance on Gaza

During the press releases, Spokesperson Wang had remarked on US Double Standard terms toward Gaza policies.

Spokesperson Wang said, “The US needs to abandon the double standards on human rights issues and stop making political displays on humanitarian issues in Gaza and singularly hindering the UN Security Council’s efforts for a ceasefire in Gaza.”

“What the US needs to do is not to release a hypocritical statement on Ramadan with empty words but take concrete actions to save the lives of Muslims in Gaza,” he added.

Spokesperson Wang had remarks on the statement of Secretary Blinken on Ramadan wishes. He said, “It is important for the US to take concrete steps towards saving the lives of Muslims in Gaza, rather than issuing empty statements on Ramadan.”

Furthermore, he said, Gaza is plagued by conflict and millions of Muslims suffering from killing, starvation, destruction not Xinjiang. Xinjiang enjoys stability and economic growth and the human rights of Uyghurs and other areas are fully defended.

According to reports, Spokesperson Wang Said, “The US has used data security to restrict data flow to countries of concern and investigate connected vehicles, violating national security and suppressing competitive companies”.

Moreover, he said, “The “China threat” to data security is a fabrication. The US should take concrete actions to protect an open, just, and non-discriminatory business environment. While China welcomes companies from all countries and platforms as long as they conform to Chinese laws and regulations”.

Lastly, he said, “We have previously stated China’s position on relevant matters. We urge the US to refrain from overextending the concept of national security and to cease its wrongful practice of unjustifiably disrupting and suppressing normal economic and trade cooperation”.

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