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Chinese Foreign Minister stresses rational approach in China-US Relations


Beijing, 7 March 2024 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized the importance of an objective and rational perspective towards China’s development in the context of China-US relations.

The discussion was held during a press conference held on Thursday, on the sidelines of China’s annual legislative session.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi highlighted, “China-US relations are based on the well-being of the People of China, the United States, and the future of humanity and the world.

Our position is the three principles proposed by President Xi Jinping — mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation,” Wang said.

Additionally, Between two countries peaceful coexistence is the baseline. While dispute and the conflict would have unimaginable consequences for both countries, he said.

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Foreign Minister Wang Yi highlighted that the USA’s wrong approach towards China still persists and the commitments have not been truly fulfilled.

Wang added that the tactics used by the US to suppress China are constantly evolving, with its list of unilateral sanctions continuously growing.

“If the United States says one thing and does another, where is its credibility as a major country? If it gets jittery whenever it hears the word ‘China,’ where is its confidence as a major country? If it only wants itself to prosper but denies other countries’ legitimate development, where is international fairness? If it persistently monopolizes the high end of the value chain and keeps China at the low end, where is fairness in competition?” Wang said.

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“The challenge for the United States comes from itself, not from China. If the United States is obsessed with suppressing China, it will eventually harm itself,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, Wang highlighted China’s commitment to enhancing dialogue and communication with the United States.

He expressed confidence that despite their differences as major nations, both sides can undoubtedly discover a suitable path for coexistence in today’s world.

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