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Premier Li Qiang unveils China’s future innovation plans


Beijing, 5 March 2024 (TDI): In a recent development, Premier Li Qiang presented a report to the second session of the 14th National People’s Congress in Beijing on Tuesday, outlining China’s future innovation plans and economic growth targets.

The report stated that China aims to accelerate efforts, upgrading the industrial system and establishing new high-quality productive forces.

China’s innovation plans unveiled

According to Premier Li Qiang’s report, presented at the beginning of the second session of the 14th National People’s Congress in Beijing, it outlines China’s future innovation plans.

On top of that, this report underscores that China will fully embrace its leading role in innovation, promote technological advancements in industries, and foster new industrial development.

Moreover, Premier Li Qiang outlined several projects in his report, including improvements to industrial and supply chains and the development of emerging industries.

Furthermore, these projects encompassed areas such as hydrogen power, new materials, biomanufacturing, quantum technology, commercial spaceflight, and biotechnology.

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Embracing digitalization and sustainable development

Reportedly, the launch of the AI Plus program will support groundbreaking development in the digital economy. According to the reports, the government will maintain and strengthen its leadership position in industries such as intelligent vehicles.

The report highlighted that China will digitalize the manufacturing industry and promote the widespread use of the industrial internet. Meanwhile, it will encourage the digitalization of the service sector and construct smart cities and digital villages.

A program will be launched to support the digitalization of small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore these vehicles will be fueled by renewable energy, demonstrating China’s dedication to sustainable development as well as creativity.

Economic growth targets set

Also, Premier Li Qiang announced China’s economic growth target of around 5% for 2024 at the opening of the 14th National People’s Congress.

Consequently, Li stated that in defining the growth objective, the Chinese government considers the need to increase employment and wages while also avoiding and reducing risk factors.

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