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MoveS Network unveils brochure for rights of displaced Ukrainians


Brussels, 5 March 2024 (TDI): The MoveS network, supported by the European Commission, has recently unveiled a new brochure titled “The Labour Mobility Rights of Displaced Persons from Ukraine.”

This brochure dives into the rights of displaced individuals from Ukraine within the European Union (EU) regarding employment and social security.

The cover of the brochure shows people gathered in the shape of Ukraine and symbolizing unity and support for those displaced. It’s a comprehensive guide meant to help these individuals understand their options as they navigate through their new circumstances.

The conflict in Ukraine, sparked by Russia’s military invasion on February 24, 2022, led to a large number of people fleeing to the EU for safety. Currently, over 4 million people who fled Ukraine are under temporary protection (TP) within EU borders.

Challenges and Opportunities across EU Member States

The brochure sheds light on the different measures put in place to offer temporary protection to displaced individuals. It specifically looks at examples from countries like Bulgaria and Czechia.

Additionally, it gives valuable insights into the challenges displaced individuals face when finding work and social security. It examines how these measures work across various European Union member states.

“The Labour Mobility Rights of Displaced Persons from Ukraine” brochure offers much-needed clarity and guidance amidst the confusion of displacement and resettlement.

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Moreover, the brochure provides essential transparency on the rights of displaced Ukrainians in the EU.  The number of displaced individuals from Ukraine presents a significant challenge for both the European Union and its member states.

European Union believes that initiatives like the MoveS network and publications like this brochure play a vital role in helping people make informed decisions and promoting inclusivity within the societies.

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