Seoul, 22 October 2021 (TDI): The President of the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Moon Jae-in, welcomed international dignitaries. The occasion was the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX) 2021.

The exhibition started on 19th October and will continue till 23rd October. Seoul ADEX 2021 is the largest biennial Aerospace & Defense Exhibition in Korea.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle displayed at ADEX 2021


President Moon Jae-in said that although Korea was dependent on foreign aid for weapons and equipment. This dependency lasted till the late 1960s. Presently, however, the Agency for Defense Development has developed 300 different kinds of weapons.

In addition to that, it has transferred defense technologies to the private sector. South Korea invested 41 trillion won (South Korean currency) in defense technology R&D.

MAH Amphibious Assault Helicopter at ADEX 2021

The Defense Industry of a country is vital for its sustained security. It helps defend the land, air, and, sea frontiers. It is an important pillar of reliable defense.

Furthermore, it safeguards people’s lives and property. It is also a strategic tactical and economically beneficial industry; for the country to have high growth potential.


On the occasion, Moon Jae-in presented a Korean-made fighter jet to the world. He boarded it and flew into Korean airspace. The fighter jet took off from the Suwon Air Base.

It flew over the Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan, the Seoul National Cemetery, and the War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan. Afterward, it landed at the venue of the ADEX exhibition.


Indigenous Korean FA-50 Fighter Jet

The Korean jet made with indigenous technology is the FA-50. The fighter jet is capable of air combat, advanced training, and precision bombing.

It is an exceptional light attack aircraft and has proven its noteworthy price-to-performance ratio. It is a solid defender and is also exported around the world.


Aside from FA-50, a collection of weaponry like drones, robots, space equipment, and lasers are also on display at the exhibition. Additionally, next-generation fighter jets and helicopters are also presented.

These possess cutting-edge technological convergence and integration. Moreover, ground combat equipment like tanks and armored personnel carriers are in the exhibition.

Self-propelled howitzers and anti-missile systems are also being exhibited. The equipment is displayed on runway-turned-outdoor exhibition space. This cache will be at the forefront of the future Korean defense industry.

New-generation electric trainer at Seoul ADEX 2021


The President lauded the efforts of the Agency for Defense Development, research institutes, and other companies. The defense industry has made the country’s defense impregnable.

Even though the pandemic has affected Korea; the ADEX kicked off, splendidly. The event was attended by various Defense Ministers and international government delegations.

Additionally, Ambassadors to Korea and defense business leaders were also there. It brought together and put on display, the defense industry capabilities of 440 businesses, from 28 countries.