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China-Russia joint Anti-Submarine Drill


Beijing, 22 October 2021 (TDI): The joint anti-submarine drill of China and Russia has been conducted in the waters near Peter the Great Bay known as Zaliv Petra Velikogo in Russian. The Bay is on the southern coast of Russia. It was a strategically significant joint military exercise to enhance the bilateral defense and military relations of both countries.

The Russian and Chinese Navy, both presented their new battle equipment in the anti-submarine drill to counter the enemy. The ship-borne helicopters participating in the event are capable of spiral search on the water surface. The spiral search formed a large submarine zone in the designated sea area. 

Chen Weigong, the Political Commissar of the destroyer Nanchang, said that legalization of anti-submarine technology is a difficult issue for navies, all over the globe. This is so because it uses high range equipment for subsurface detention combat capacities.

Aside from that, fire strikes, search and positioning of the targets are also part of the exercise. In the joint exercise, ship-borne helicopters, anti-submarine aircrafts and surface warships performed their tasks in the three dimensions towards their targets. 

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