Somotor, 28 September 2023 (TDI): Peter Szijjarto, the Foreign Minister of Hungary, has unveiled the Hungarian government’s plan to kickstart new economic development initiatives aimed at creating jobs and supporting the local community in Somotor, Slovakia.

During the inauguration of the agricultural integration center in the village Foreign Minister Szijjarto emphasized that this center would offer small farmers essential resources on a contractual basis to boost their production. These agricultural products will then be competitively bought and sold in foreign markets.

The project has a total worth of HUF 1.7 billion, equivalent to 9 million EUR. The Hungarian government has provided financial support of HUF 1.7 billion, approximately 4.4 million EUR, for this project. 

Szijjarto highlighted that this investment would greatly benefit farmers and bolster the economies of southern Slovakia and northeastern Hungary. This support is especially crucial as farmers have been facing significant challenges in recent times.

He also mentioned the Baross Gabor Plan initiated by the Hungarian government in 2017, which was developed as the result of close consultation with Hungarian communities in Slovakia.

Hungary invested HUF 21.7 billion through this program, which led to investment totaling HUF 415 billion in the southern region of Slovakia. This support extended to a wide range of Slovakian companies, numbering 3,827, spanning various sectors, including agriculture, food, and manufacturing.

Additionally, Szijjarto stressed the importance for Hungarian companies to invest in the regions where Hungarians are present.

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He further noted that several projects in Slovakia have benefited from Hungary’s economic and investment initiatives with Hungry contributing a substantial investment of HUF 82 billion.

He also reaffirmed the Hungry government’s commitment to continuously implement joint projects and expressed hope that the incoming government, in the result of the upcoming election on Saturday, would prioritize joint economic development projects that serve the common interests of the region and its people.