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Sisi vows support for Somalia amidst Ethiopia-Somaliland Deal


Cairo, 23 January 2024(TDI): The Egypt’s President Sisi vows support for Somalia and slams Ethiopia-Somaliland deal. He said on Sunday that Egypt will not allow any threat to Somalia.

He announced this following Ethiopia’s indication that it might entertain the idea of recognizing Somaliland’s independence and gaining access to the seaport.

On Sunday, he was speaking at a press conference alongside Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi emphasized that Egypt will not permit any threats to Somalia or compromise its security.

Addressing Ethiopia, he conveyed that attempting to assert control over a piece of land is unacceptable. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of cooperation for development as a more constructive approach.

Additionally, Sisi urged refraining from threatening its brotherly states, especially when intervention is sought.

Ethiopia in reply dismissed Egypt’s criticism. Ethiopian National Security Advisor, Redwan Hussein, clearly stated that it does not assuming annexation over the territory of other state. In addition, he asserted that it is merely a commercial deal to access sea route.

Furthermore, in the previous week, Egypt’s foreign minister characterized Ethiopia as a source of instability in the region. In reply, Ethiopian foreign ministry called this statement irrelevant.

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The remarks of President Sisi were the strongest yet made by Egypt on this issue. These remarks have indicated that Egypt might get involved in this dispute. However, Egypt’s involvement in this dispute has raised fresh concerns in the volatile Horn of Africa region. It is noteworthy that Egypt and Ethiopia have tensed relations over the past years. There is a dispute going on between two nations over the sharing of the sue of Nile.

Ethiopia-Somaliland Deal

In 1991, Somaliland gained its independence from Somalia. However, it hasn’t gained any recognition from any country. Due to Ethiopia-Somaliland deal, Ethiopia may recognize Somaliland to finalize the deal.

In addition, the deal is a significant agreement for Ethiopia, allowing the landlocked country to access sea route. Nonetheless, this port lease deal had already enraged Somalia due to this factor. Hence, President Sisi vows support for Somalia and slams Ethiopia-Somaliland deal.

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