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Trifast plans 10% non-operational staff reduction globally


London, 23 January 2024 (TDI): On Monday, Trifast (TRFT.L), a maker of industrial components, predicted 2024 fiscal year results well below its earlier expectations, citing weak demand. The company also plans a 10% reduction in non-operational staff worldwide’

The company, recognized for making industrial fastenings, plans a strategic review for global cost-saving. This aims to identify measures for efficiency. The review focuses on the company’s global footprint. The goal is to optimize operations and enhance financial performance.

Trifast plc

Trifast plc, a UK-based industrial components manufacturer, leads globally in high-quality fastening production. Its diverse solutions cater to assembly industries worldwide. Committed to excellence, Trifast offers innovative global fastening solutions.

The UK-based company faced challenges in Q3 with unclear visibility and fluctuating demand in multiple regions and end-markets. Market conditions were noted as challenging during the third quarter. The company anticipates these difficulties to persist. This expectation extends through the financial year ending March 31.

Trifast projects annual revised revenue of about £230 million ($292.2 million) and anticipates an adjusted operating margin of approximately 5%.

The company stated that its restructuring program, which includes job cuts, aims to achieve approximately 3 million pounds in annualized savings. The initiative intends to enhance efficiency and financial performance.

Product Portfolio and Global presence

Trifast’s product portfolio includes screws, nuts, bolts, and specialized components. Precision and durability are the focus of their offerings. These play a vital role in automotive, electronics, and general manufacturing. Trifast’s diverse range positions it as a key player. It provides essential components for critical assembly processes. The company stands out in various sectors globally.

Trifast extends its impact globally, operating beyond its UK origins. The company strategically positions itself in key global markets to ensure efficient product reach. Trifast actively reflects its commitment to meeting international demands and positions itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking top-tier industrial fastening solutions.

Challenges and Restructuring

Despite global success, Trifast faces challenges with low visibility and volatile demand in various markets. In response, the company initiated a comprehensive restructuring program during the third quarter. The program includes job cuts and aims to achieve annualized savings of around 3 million pounds. This restructuring highlights Trifast’s proactive approach to addressing market uncertainties. The goal is to enhance operational efficiency and adapt to changing conditions. The company remains committed to navigating challenges and sustaining its competitive position.

Strategic Review

In a proactive step, Trifast has initiated a strategic review of its global footprint. The focus is on identifying cost-saving measures to adapt to market dynamics. The company emphasizes its commitment to optimizing operations amid change. Trifast aims to streamline processes and align resources with market demands. This evaluation of global presence ensures sustained growth. The goal is to maintain resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Outlook and Future Prospects

Trifast anticipates challenging conditions to persist through the financial year ending March 31. Despite these challenges, the company remains poised for continued success, thanks to its resilient restructuring efforts, diversified product portfolio, and global presence. Trifast’s unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and adaptability reinforces its status as a reliable partner for industries worldwide.

The company’s global leadership in industrial fastenings is a testament to its strategic positioning and ability to navigate turbulent markets. As Trifast faces the future, its dedication to excellence and ability to adapt to changing circumstances are key strengths that will contribute to its sustained success. With a focus on resilience and forward-thinking strategies, Trifast is well-equipped to weather uncertainties and maintain its leadership in the industrial fastening sector.


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