Secretary Blinken talked to Minister Yi


Washington, 31 August 2021 (TDI): Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken discussed the importance of the international community holding the Taliban accountable for the public commitments they have made regarding safe passage and freedom of movement for Afghans and foreign nationals with PRC State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi yesterday.

China, according to Wang Yi, strongly opposed the so-called investigation report on COVID-19 origins tracing recently released by the US intelligence community. The past US administration left a political burden in the form of politicizing origins tracing. The sooner the United States releases this burden, the simpler it will be to escape the present predicament. China reiterates its call for the US to stop politicizing COVID-19 origins tracing, stop putting pressure on the World Health Organization, and stop interfering with and undermining the international community’s solidarity in the face of the pandemic and global scientific cooperation on origins tracing.

Blinken stated that the US has no intention of accusing any country of the COVID-19 origin. Both the US and China have duties as major countries to give all essential information, properly research the virus’s origins, and prevent a pandemic from reoccurring. In this sense, the US is prepared to maintain contact with China.

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