Cox’s Bazar, 24 August 2022 (TDI): Save the Children Bangladesh is urging the global community to help refugees. Also, it is demanding to offer legal recognition, schooling, and employment chances for the Rohingya.

According to a recent Save the Children study, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are still living in dread. It has been 5 years after Rohingya people escaped from massacres, rape, and violations of human rights in Myanmar.

66% of children and 87% of parents no longer experience much security today than it was when they came.

According to Save the Children, the data show that the world community’s activities fall well short. The measures needed to fully meet the requirements of Rohingya refugees are not available.

Statement of Country Director

The Country Director for Save the Children Bangladesh, Onno van Manen stated that:
“It is unacceptable that, five years after fleeing horrific violence in their own country, most Rohingya refugees still do not feel safe.”

“The world may have turned its attention to other crises, but five years later, almost half a million Rohingya children are still growing up in overcrowded camps.

They’re showing worrying signs of depression and anxiety, and, with limited access to schooling, they’re losing any hope they had of a better life.”

“Although most Rohingya want to go back home, ongoing violence in Myanmar means that, for now, safe return isn’t an option.

The Rohingya continue to be arrested and detained for moving outside of their villages and are denied citizenship and basic rights.”

“They’re cut off from health care, education, and jobs. The Rohingya won’t be able to go home until the root causes of their displacement are addressed. Until then, we must do more to protect the Rohingya – starting with addressing the dwindling flow of aid.”