Dammam, 6 June 2023(TDI): Saudi Royal Prince Saud bin Nayef Al Saud, Governor of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, receives Frederico Cardoso, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

In the meeting, both representatives reached a mutual agreement to enhance cooperation between their respective countries. 


The civil war in Angola resulted in independence in 1975 from the Portugal Empire. Thenceforth, the country has been in chaos. After the civil war, the country went into serious humanitarian problems. Landmines were scattered in the country and the shortage of food made the situation worse.

Cabinda Situation

Besides these complications, Angola has to deal with separatist guerrillas in the Cabinda province to liberate the Province from the other rule. Cabinda Province is an enclave in Angola, also known as the “Kuwait of Africa.”

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It is because of the products found in the tropical region, such as cocoa, crude rubber, palm oil, etc. Angola’s gross product contains almost half of the material originating from the Cabinda enclave.

Relations with Saudi Arabia

The country started to improve after the elections of 2008 in Angola. After implementing the 2010 constitution, which strong-armed the authoritarian government to change to a more democratic rule.

Angola formally established its relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 24 March 2009— a written document signed by the respective representative of the countries in New York.

The Angolan Embassy was inaugurated in Riyadh in December 2021 to strengthen the relationship. Relations have improved since 2019 after a visit of a Saudi representative to the South African region.

At the start of this year, Angola extended its cooperation to Saudi Arabia, including the infrastructure and mining sector in Angola. A meeting was held between the Ambassador and Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Climate Envoy, discussing ways for a more fruitful relationship.