Riyadh, 27 January 2023 (TDI): According to the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Waleed El Khereiji met with Hélène Le Gal, Managing Director for MENA at the European (EU) External Action Service, and her delegation.

During the meeting, they discussed methods to strengthen cooperative bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the European Union (EU) to serve common objectives and exchange opinions on matters of mutual interest.

The EU’s Ambassador to the Kingdom, Patrick Simonnet, also attended the meeting. The EU is a crucial alliance of Saudi Arabia.

Economic cooperation is one of the most significant elements of Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the EU. Saudi Arabia is a significant producer of oil and a participant in the world energy market.

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The EU is an essential consumer of oil, and commerce in oil and gas is the foundation of the two countries’ close economic ties.

Furthermore, the EU has made considerable investments in Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure and development initiatives, which have boosted the Saudi economy.

Political collaboration is another facet of Saudi Arabia’s connection with the EU. The two have cooperated in resolving local conflicts and crises. They have a common interest in the stability and security of the region.

KSA and the EU have worked jointly to combat the threat of terrorism in the area. They made efforts to end the situation in Syria.

Cooperation in culture and education is another dimension of Saudi Arabia’s connection with the EU. The two have a long history of cultural exchange.

Numerous European professors and researchers are studying at KSA and many Saudi students are studying in Europe. Cultural exchange has fostered cultural awareness and understanding and laid the groundwork for future cooperation.

The Saudi-European University leads to enhanced education and research collaboration between Saudi Arabia and the EU.

The partnership between the two has benefited democracy and human rights. Saudi Arabia has significantly improved in recent years in terms of democracy and human rights, and the EU has been instrumental in assisting these efforts.

The EU has helped KSA enhance democratic institutions by providing financial and technical expertise and training for Saudi civil society.