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Saudi Arabia concludes Jeddah Security and Development Summit


Jeddah, 18 July 2022 (TDI): The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia welcomed the delegation and leaders to the Jeddah Security and Development Summit. On Saturday, the summit hosted by Saudi Arabia kicked off. There were representatives from all six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.

GCC+3 nations, including Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq, took part in the conference. At the regional summit, the US President and other US representatives also participated.

The leaders attended the landmark summit at the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Outcomes of the Jeddah summit

During the summit, leaders emphasized their shared goal of a stable and thriving Middle East. They emphasized the necessity of taking all necessary steps to maintain Middle Eastern security and stability.

The leaders stressed the necessity of creating mechanisms for regional cooperation and integration. This includes committing to the values of good neighborliness and respect for one another as well as collaboratively overcoming obstacles. It also includes respect for other people’s sovereignty and regional security.

In a joint statement, the leaders underscored the strategic value of the long-standing connections that exist between their nations.

They committed to strengthening collaboration, coordination, and consultation across all areas by building on the results of earlier summits.

In addition, the leaders reaffirmed their dedication to working together to support efforts for a global economic recovery. This is done to handle the financial effects of the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

This is also done to protect the security of the food and energy supply chains and their resilience. Additionally, developing clean energy sources and technology is part of this. By assisting to meet their humanitarian and relief needs, this aims to aid underdeveloped nations.

Equally important, the leaders acknowledged OPEC+’s continuous efforts to stabilize the world oil market. Consumers, manufacturers, and those who promote economic progress all benefit from this.

They applauded the recent declaration by OPEC+ participants to boost production during the months of July and August. The leaders also praised Saudi Arabia for playing a pioneering role in bringing the OPEC+ members to an agreement.

Issues discussed at the Jeddah summit

In this context, the leaders emphasized their shared dedication to maintaining regional security and stability. They emphasized their shared support for diplomatic efforts aimed at defusing tensions in the region.

The improvement of their regional defense and security is another goal. Additionally, it involves intelligence sharing and protects rivers’ freedom and security.

Furthermore, the leaders also reaffirmed their commitment to making sure that there are no weapons of mass destruction in the Arab Gulf region. They emphasized the significance of diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

They emphasized the importance of combating terrorism and any other activities that pose a danger to security and stability.

Moreover, the leaders talked about several methods to improve their teamwork. The shared goal of the GCC member states is to improve their defense and deterrence capacities.

Additionally, it improves the air and missile defenses’ integration and interoperability. As a result, early warning systems, information exchange, and maritime security capabilities are covered by the partnership.

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