Moscow, 22 April 2023 (TDI): President Vladimir Putin wished Russian Muslims a happy Eid-ul-Fitr in a greeting released by the country’s foreign ministry. On this festive occasion, he also acknowledged the spiritual value of the day, which symbolizes the conclusion of the Ramadan holy month.

President Putin appreciated the Muslim community for preserving centuries-old cultural and religious traditions in Russia. Additionally, he acknowledged their contribution to establishing interaction amongst different races and religions.

Putin praised the Muslim Ummah for emulating a life that is a model of virtue, filled with acts of kindness and charitable work. He commended their efforts in cultivating engagement with public and social organizations while tirelessly paying attention to educational and philanthropic projects.

Furthermore, the President highlighted the participation of Muslim warriors in particular military operations, who have been protecting Russia with bravery and strong esprit de corps.

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The Russian president also honored Muslim organizations for their tremendous help to interethnic and interreligious communication and the patriotic education of Russia’s next generation. Putin commended these organizations for teaching Russian youth the centuries-old parental, historical, theological, and cultural traditions of Islam.

Russian Muslims welcomed Putin’s speech. They appreciated him for recognizing their contributions to the country. They also received his understanding of the significance of sustaining communication and peaceful coexistence between the several religions and ethnic groups in Russia.

The Russian president’s comments are critical during heightened hostility between religious and ethnic communities. Putin’s recognition of the Muslim Ummah’s valuable contribution is a positive step toward fostering national unity and religious harmony.

The president’s statement emphasizes the significance of mutual tolerance and understanding across different ethnicities and beliefs. It also stressed the importance of all citizens working together for the country’s greater good. Putin’s message of unity and gratitude for Muslim organizations’ contributions can catalyze peaceful coexistence and discussion amongst diverse communities in Russia.