Kyiv, 21 April 2023 (TDI): NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg visited Kyiv and met President Zelenskyy to reaffirm the support of the trans-Atlantic alliance to Ukraine on 20 April.

This is his fourth visit to the country as the Secretary-General of NATO.

The Secretary-General and the President hold a press conference after the meeting.

NATO stands with Ukraine today, tomorrow, and as long as it takes and

Ukraine’s rightful place is in the alliance and over time NATO’s support would make that possible, he said.

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Stoltenberg stated that the multi-year support initiative would help Ukraine to transition from Soviet-era equipment and doctrines to NATO standards to ensure full interoperability with the Alliance.

During the press conference, Stoltenberg highlighted that since the start of the war, NATO members have provided over 150 billion euros in support and have trained thousands of Ukrainian troops over years.

He further said that the Allies are delivering more tanks, jets, and armored vehicles which are making a real difference on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, President Zelenskyy insisted on Ukraine joining NATO.

President Zelenskyy said that it is now time for the western alliance to invite Ukraine and that only NATO membership can provide a concrete security guarantee to his country.

During the visit, Jens Stoltenberg visited Bucha to pay tribute to the victims of war. Ukraine has claimed that Russian forces have committed war crimes in Bucha, an allegation Russia denies.

The Secretary-General wrapped up his trip by addressing the International Summit of Communities and Regions.

Since the start of the war, NATO has provided critical support to Ukraine. NATO’s support has helped Ukraine defend its territory and launch a successful counter-offensive against Russian forces in places like Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson.

The visit by the Secretary-General took place when a possibility of a Ukrainian counter-offensive looms.