Moscow, 21 February 2022 (TDI): Russian President, Vladimir Putin, held a telephonic dialogue with French President, Emmanuel Macron to discuss Ukraine and Russia conflict.

The dialogue was held on February 20. The objective of the talk was to have an in-depth discussion regarding the situation of Ukraine. Both leaders also discussed the issue of legally binding security guarantees for the Russian Federation.

Previously, Emmanuel Macron visited Moscow and held telephone conversations. President Emmanuel Macron visited Russia on February 7.

Ukraine and Russia Conflict

During the recent conversation, both Presidents focused on the developments around Ukraine. They emphasized the deteriorating conditions along the contact line in Donbas. Thereupon, the Russian President highlighted that Ukrainian militants started the escalation.

Furthermore, both leaders expressed serious concerns regarding modern weapons and ammunition which are sent to Ukraine. Recently, NATO members have sent weaponry to Ukraine under the pretext of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Moreover, the Russian President noted that the supply of weapons will encourage Kyiv to pursue a military solution to Donbas. Eventually, the residents in Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic will suffer the consequences.

Concurrently, they are forced to leave for Russia. President Vladimir Putin also emphasized the possibility of intensification of attacks in the region.

Along these lines, President Putin mentioned the significance of the Minsk Agreements for the resolution of the Ukraine crisis. He also pointed out that Kyiv is not serious about the negotiation process.

Therefore, there is no concrete step from Kyiv for the implementation status of the Minsk Protocol as well as agreements reached as part of the Normandy Format.

Meanwhile, both Presidents found the need for a diplomatic solution involving foreign ministers and political advisors of the Normandy Format countries. Their regular contact and meetings will help to restore the ceasefire and settle the ongoing conflict.

For these reasons, President Vladimir Putin emphasized the need for legally binding security guarantees. Thereupon, he impressed upon US and NATO to respond to Russian demands seriously and to the point. However, both Presidents agreed to maintain contact in the future as well.