Brasília, 17 April 2023 (TDI): The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is visiting Brazil. The visit is part of the Latin America and Caribbean trip as the Russian Foreign Minister will also visit Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

During his visit, the Russia’s Foreign Minister will meet countries’ leaders and his counterparts. The visit aims to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in political, economic, cultural, education, and other spheres.

Latin America is a friendly region and one of the centers of the formation of the multipolar world, the Russian Foreign Ministry said

Before the visit to Brazil the Russia’s Foreign Minister wrote an article in which he stressed the significance of Latin America and the Caribbean in the Russian Foreign Policy and the current geopolitical context.

He wrote that Venezuela and Cuba have faced consequences because of the extensive use of unilateral, illegitimate sanctions and war tricks by the United States of America.

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He further accused the US of imposing a neo-colonial unipolar world on the international community and using Ukraine as a tool to weaken Russia and shed light on the Russian perspective regarding the Minsk agreement, Donbass, and De-dollarization.

He highlighted the fact and also appreciated that Russia’s Latin American friends didn’t participate in sanctions against Russia and called for greater cooperation.

He added that the relations between Russia and its Latin American friends rely on “strategic partnerships”.

Russia has enjoyed warm ties with Cuba and Venezuela and recently it has developed ties with Brazil. Both countries are part of BRICS and share similar views regarding de-dollarization.

During his recent visit to China President Lula said that the US should stop encouraging Ukraine war. In January President Lula also suggested that Ukraine give up Crimea to find a solution to end the war.