Beijing, 7 February 2022 (TDI): ROC athletes have won the second gold in Beijing Winter Olympics. The team claimed the medal in the team figure skating on Monday, February 2022.

The overall performance of the team was unstoppable. In addition to that, Kamila Velieva has become the first female Olympian to land a quadruple jump at the Olympics.

Competition Key Timeline Events

It is pertinent to note that Kamila Valieva is a fifteen years old athlete. She has made history in the field of free-skating including the two quadruple jumps. Moreover, the US won the silver medal while Japan finished third.

Kamila Valieva won both the free skate and women’s short program. This has empowered the Russian team for an amazing performance in the upcoming competition. Next week, the team would take part in women’s singles.

Kamila Valieva has also set a record in the women’s short program where she won with a margin of 15 points. This is equivalent to a mile of skating. The program was held on Sunday, 6 February 2022.

She commented then; “I’m happy that we’re in the lead at the moment, and I hope that continues in the free skate as well.”

In particular, the Russian pairs team, Aleksandr Galliamov and Anastasia Mishina has won the free skate competition as well. During one lift, the pair fell onto the ice but later on exploited the opportunity to a victory parade.

On the other hand, the US team, Madison Chock and Evan Bates won the free dance. Madison Chock played the part of an alien amazingly. Due to his performance, the team went to second place in the competition. But, till that point, ROC’s team was far ahead in the context of points.

About the point’s formula, both men’s and women’s singles skaters, pairs, and ice dancer’s points are added to the score. These points are awarded in the order of the finish i.e., the first one gets 10 points and the second one gets 9 points, and so on.