Russia welcomes Argentina’s stance on Sanctions

President Alberto Fernández together with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, during his visit to Moscow this year

Buenos Aires, 27 March 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of Russia to Argentina, Dmitry Feoktistov, expressed gratitude to the Argentine government for not joining the Western-led sanctions.

In a talk with a Russian news agency, the official called Argentina “one of Russia’s main partners in Latin America.” He further pointed out that “the volume of trade between countries has grown to a record after the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.”

He remarked that Argentina and Brazil are still interested in developing bilateral trade and that the two countries will try to implement the several projects planned.

Moreover, the ambassador said regarding bilateral trade, “The only question is how much will recent events, including sanctions pressure, affect supply chains. There are problems with financing. We have to analyze and see how to continue implementing our plans smoothly.”

Russian Ambassador said that “Argentina has absolutely distanced himself from any sanctioning measure against our country.”

Regarding the issue of anti-Russian sentiment, the ambassador claimed that there were no manifestations of discrimination against the Russian-speaking Argentine population. He stated, “Before there was no discrimination, nor is there now. Even isolated incidents have not been recorded. We hope this will continue in the future”.

In addition, he acknowledged Argentina’s commitment to prioritize human rights and humanitarian issues in its internal affairs as well as in foreign policy.

Argentina-Russia Relations

The official diplomatic relations between the two countries go back to 1866 when Russia opened a consulate in Buenos Aires. Several waves of Russian emigrants settled in Argentina throughout the 20th century.

Both nations have established cooperation through several bilateral agreements addressing trade, judicial assistance and extradition, drug trafficking, and military cooperation.

Argentina has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine but has adopted a clear stance against joining international sanctions against it. It has called for restraint and a political solution to the crisis. and solve their issues through dialogue.

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