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Russia condemns US role, urges Gaza ceasefire at UNSC


New York, 21 February 2024 (TDI): The Permanent Representative of Russia Vasily Nebenzya spoke to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on February 20 about the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip and urged for an immediate ceasefire.

He highlighted the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza and condemned the United States’ role in supporting Israel in its brutal campaign.

In the speech, Vasily Nebenzya reminded the Council of Russia’s proposal for a draft resolution on October 16 last year, when the Palestinian death toll was around one thousand.

At that time, Western delegations chose to abstain en masse, leading to the collective irresponsibility for the “new 28 thousand-plus deaths.”

Condemnation of U.S. support for Israel

The Permanent Representative highlighted that using its veto power three times, the United States has consistently obstructed the Security Council from demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Vasily Nebenzya asserted that Washington’s real goal is not peace in the Middle East or protecting civilians but ensuring its geopolitical interests. He said that US interests lie in protecting its closest Middle Eastern ally at any cost.

“Each time we heard from the American delegation the same hypocritical calls to wait a little longer, to give time for their supposedly effective bilateral diplomacy on the ground. But it never brought any results,”  he added. 

Vasily Nebenzya emphasized that by endorsing Security Council Resolution 2720, Washington effectively granted Israel a license to kill Palestinians. This ongoing support from Washington has further perpetuated impunity for crimes against the people of Gaza.

In addition, Vasily Nebenzya highlighted the diplomatic efforts put forth by the Algerian delegation. He commended the Algerian draft resolution aimed at achieving a long-awaited ceasefire for its solid and balanced approach.

At the start of discussions, he criticized the U.S. for issuing an ultimatum demanding an immediate halt to progress on the Algerian draft resolution for the Gaza crisis.

Urgent call to oppose U.S. arbitrariness

Addressing the dangerous situation in the southern sector around the city of Rafah, Vasily Nebenzya emphasized the importance of preventing further humanitarian disasters.

He called for immediate action to establish sustainable channels for providing aid to the Gaza Strip’s population. “The authority of the UN Security Council is at stake,” he declared, urging Security Council members to stand in opposition to what he referred to as the arbitrariness of Washington.

Vasily Nebenzya emphasized the historical significance of the moment, characterizing it as another dark chapter authored by the US delegation.

He accused the US of shielding its closest Middle Eastern ally and employing delaying tactics to advance its alleged inhumane plans for Gaza.

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U.S. role in Gaza’s deteriorating situation

Vasily Nebenzya pointed out the alarming rhetoric within Israeli political circles that appears to dismiss the possibility of a two-state solution. He criticized the US delegation for remaining silent on their veto of the Brazilian draft resolution condemning Hamas on October 18.

Vasily Nebenzya criticized the United States for saying “no” for the fourth time to the Algerian plan. He said this blocked the resolution and put more people in Gaza at risk of dying.

He blamed the United States for the problems, saying it was their fault, not the whole UN Security Council. While emphasizing an immediate ceasefire, he said “Without it, any product of the Council will be devoid of practical meaning.” 

Vasily Nebenzya dismissed the American text as a potential alternative, citing its lack of official circulation and substantive discussion within the Council. He urged UNSC members not to be swayed by crafty and hypocritical admonitions of the US.

In the last, Vasily Nebenzya characterized the American project as a dishonest attempt to stall for time in the interest of Israel.

He emphasized the need to thwart these plans and achieve a just peace between Palestine and Israel based on the decisions of the UNSC and the UNGA. “Let’s solve it together, maybe someday our American colleagues will finally wake up to a conscience,” he concluded.

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Natasha Matloob
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