Geneva, 4 March 2023 (TDI): In an interactive dialogue meeting on the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Dr. Hind Abdul Rahman Al Muftah gave a statement.

The interactive session was made on the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories that included East Jerusalem.

There is a commitment also made to guarantee accountability and justice. The State of Qatar reaffirmed and renewed its stance on supporting the Palestinian cause and its people.

Dr. Hind said that Qatar would keep supporting the Palestinian people until they would not get all their claimed rights. The State of Qatar calls for complete sovereignty of Palestine based on the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as the capital.

Dr. Hind expressed and highlighted the efforts of the UN High Commissioner from the State of Qatar in presenting the report on human violations in Palestine.

She appreciated that the UN agency documented and analyzed the violations by the Israeli government and armed forces.

Moreover, stressed the denunciation of the Israeli authorities not allowing the entry of UNHCR staff into the occupied Palestinian territories.

She said this move is a clear violation of international law and humanitarian law.
She also denounced and abhorred the illegal and disproportionate use of force used by the Israeli authorities.

Also, condemned the killings and continued violations that occurred based on Israeli settlements in Palestinian-dominated populations.

She also pointed out violence practiced against Palestinian women and children.
The increased aggression of Israeli authorities is not only creating instability in the area but would lead the whole region toward crisis.

She stressed that all these human rights violations recorded in the report must be held accountable with strict measures.

Furthermore, she called on the international community to take viable steps to resolve the Palestinian issue.

She also warmly welcomed the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) request to obtain an advisory opinion on the legal consequences of the Israeli occupation.