Stanley, 4 March 2023 (TDI): Falkland government responded to Argentina’s unilateral decision of withdrawing from the “Foradori-Duncan Pact” of 2016, in an official press release. The statement has reiterated Falkland’s sovereignty as non-negotiable.
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The Members of the Legislative Assembly expressed their disappointment at Argentina’s decision. The pact had amiable clauses aimed at improving bilateral relations and trade between the United Kingdom (UK) and Argentina.

The pact also ensured the identification of the remains of the unknown Argentine soldiers buried near Darwin.

The official statement highlighted Falkland’s two humanitarian projects in support of Argentina. Falkland identified at least 115 Argentinian soldiers and brought comfort to their families in Argentina.

Leona Roberts, Chair of the Legislative Assembly said that Argentina’s decision came as a disappointment yet not unusual.

She said Falkland is accustomed to Argentina’s repudiating agreements for long. It has always been a responsible and compassionate community, but its efforts have remained unreciprocated.

Despite Falkland’s efforts, Argentina has never engaged in mutually beneficial dialogues. From supporting ocean health in South-west Atlantic to removing illegally imposed economic sanctions, Argentina has shown negligible resolve.

The Falkland government lamented the reversal of all the hard work they had achieved since 2016 due to Argentina’s lack of foresight on issues of regional and global development.

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The official announcement clearly asserted that the sovereignty of the Falklands is not up for discussion or negotiation. A decade back, Falkland Islanders voted (99.8) strongly in support of remaining a British Overseas Territory.

Islanders’ decision is still intact and has not changed. Falklands stands on democratic principles. Falkland thanked the UK in the statement for helping them in the 1982 war.

It is committed to being part of the UK family with Islanders living in freedom under a sovereign government.


Foradori-Duncan Pact 2016 was a pact between the governments of the UK and Argentina. It was signed by the-then Argentina’s Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Foradori & the UK’s the-then Minister of the State for Europe and the Americas, Alan Duncan.

The pact agreed to disagree about the sovereignty of the Falklands, but continuous cooperation and collaboration on areas such as energy, shipping, & fishing and on identifying remains of an unknown Argentine soldier killed in the 1982 South Atlantic war.

The current regime in Argentina sees the pact as detrimental to Argentina’s historic claim over the islands. The government also resent the pact as providing leverage and concession to the British on natural resources in the region.

Argentina considers it a setback for its claim of sovereignty and authorizing air routes between the islands and the third countries.