Geneva, 2 July 2022 (TDI): The State of Qatar has reaffirmed its deep commitment to promoting Afghan women’s participation in the peace-making process.

Jawhara Al Suwaidi, the Acting Charge d’Affairs of the Permanent Delegation of State of Qatar in Geneva participated in the 50th Human Rights Council Urgent Debate on Saturday.

The Urgent Debate was called to discuss the situation of human rights for women and girls in Afghanistan.

The Acting Charge d’Affairs of State of Qatar stressed deep concerns about the suspension of secondary studies in Afghan schools.

She said in her statement that these negative practices will have a significant impact on Afghan women and children.

The suspension of secondary schools will also leave a grave impact on the development and economy of the country.

The State of Qatar reaffirmed its support for human rights development in Afghanistan. Jawhara Al Suwaidi said, “Qatar will continue to coordinate closely with partners to enable the Afghan people to address humanitarian, economic, and social challenges.”

Moreover, she reiterated that maintaining peace and preventing conflict is the utmost priority of the State of Qatar.

The State will continue to coordinate with partners to achieve stability and security in Afghanistan.

Qatar has a history of advancing Afghan women’s concerns on the international stage.

Involving Afghan Women in Peace-building

In a statement, Jawhara Al Suwaidi also said that achieving peace in Afghanistan requires effective measures.

Afghan interim authorities must take urgent steps to mitigate the impact of the crisis on all segments of society.

Women and girls especially face a higher level of risk. Comprehensive efforts for national reconciliation should be taken with active women’s participation.

Afghan women have faced discriminatory policies under the Taliban regime that has prevented them from achieving basic rights. Women in Taliban-controlled areas remain deprived of basic necessities such as education and healthcare.

Jawhara Al Suwaidi stated the importance of United Nations Resolution 1325 to build a strong normative framework for women’s participation.

Furthermore, Qatar reaffirmed its commitment to act as a mediator and sponsor peace dialogue.