Samarkand, 15 September 2022 (TDI): The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin met the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov in Samarkand Uzbekistan, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO summit 2022.

The SCO summit commenced on Thursday in Uzbekistan. It will focus on assessing the organization’s operations over the last two decades.  It will also identify areas where multilateral collaboration could be beneficial.

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Statement of Russian President

The President of Russia stated,

”I am very glad to see you and talk about topics of mutual interest, and we have many such mutual interests. We are close countries, we are strategic partners and allies, and we work in many international regional organizations.

Russia remains the leading trade and economic partner of [Kyrgyzstan]. Last year we had a noticeable growth in trade turnover, and this year it is growing, and at a very good pace.

Last year it grew by 46.6 percent, and this year, in the first five months, it has grown by another 30 percent. This is a very good indicator.”

Putin further said,

“We continue to provide economic support to Kyrgyzstan. Last year, financial assistance amounted to $20 million. This year, another one and a half million dollars have been allocated for the restoration of social infrastructure that suffered as a result of the well-known tragic events on the border of the regions.

We will do this keeping in mind, of course, the latest tragic events. Of course, we will discuss this topic. We are also ready to provide technical assistance in the field of the response to emergencies and natural disasters.”

Putin expressed his gratitude to the Kyrgyzstan President and said, “I am very glad to see you and have the opportunity to meet on the sidelines of the [SCO] event.”

Statement of the President of Kyrgyzstan

Sergei Zhaparov, the President of Kyrgyzstan gave a statement after the statement of the Russian President. He said,

“Russia has traditionally been our leading trade and economic partner and main strategic ally. During the first half of this year, as you noticed, the trade turnover between Russia and Kyrgyzstan doubled compared to last year.

Investment projects are also successfully implemented with the support of the Kyrgyz-Russian Development Fund. The Fund has so far approved 3,200 projects totaling $440 million. “

He added, “In addition, as you noted, the start of construction of general education schools in the Kyrgyz Republic is expected: five schools in 2023, that is, next year, and four schools in 2024. I am sure that our today’s meeting contributes to the strengthening of further mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Kyrgyzstan, multifaceted cooperation.”

Zhaparov concluded the statement with gratitude, and said “Once again, I am glad to meet you, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich.”