Beijing, 19 June 2023 (TDI): On the afternoon of June 19, President Xi Jinping had a productive meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Beijing, marking an important step towards enhancing China-U.S. relations. It is the highest level of bilateral meeting in China since Joe Biden became president.

This was the first visit by the US Secretary of State to China in nearly five years. Previously President Biden and President Xi met in Bali, Indonesia, in November 2022  on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, where they decided to work together on transnational issues.

President Xi emphasized in his meeting with Secretary Blinken that in this evolving world, it is crucial to cultivate a stable and constructive relationship between China and the United States. The destinies of both nations and the future of humanity depend on their ability to find common ground.

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President Xi highlighted that there is ample room on Earth to accommodate the respective progress and shared prosperity of China and the United States. The Chinese and the Americans share a sense of dignity, confidence, and self-reliance, with both nations entitled to pursue a better life.

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The international community yearns for peaceful coexistence between China and the United States without having to pick sides or witness conflicts. The responsible handling of China-U.S. relations holds the potential to foster global peace, development, and stability amidst changing times.

President Xi underscored that the pursuit of major-country competition does not align with the current global trajectory, nor can it effectively address the challenges faced by the United States or the world at large.

President Xi mentioned that China respects U.

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S. interests and has no intention to challenge or replace the United States. Similarly, the United States must show respect toward China and refrain from impeding China’s legitimate rights and interests. Neither nation should impose its will on the other, let alone hinder its legitimate developmental endeavors.

China maintains its steadfast desire for a sound and stable China-U.S. relationship and believes that, through mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation, both countries can surmount various obstacles and find a constructive path forward. President Xi urged the U.S. side to adopt a rational and pragmatic approach, working in concert with China to achieve common goals.

President Xi also emphasized the importance of upholding the understandings he and President Biden reached in Bali, urging both sides to translate positive statements into tangible actions that will consolidate and enhance China-U.S. relations.

This meeting between President Xi Jinping and Secretary of State Antony Blinken sets a positive tone for future dialogue and cooperation, signaling the commitment of both nations to forge a path of mutual understanding, respect, and shared prosperity.

Secretary Blinken also mentioned in his tweet that he has wrapped up his China visit with a frank and productive series of discussions with the leadership of the People’s Republic of China. The connection between the United States and China holds immense significance.

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Engaging in direct diplomatic efforts is the most effective approach to promoting American interests and values while responsibly handling the competition.

One day before meeting President Xi, Secretary Blinken also met  Director Wang Yi and State Councilor Qin Gang.

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After concluding his vital visit to China,  Secretary Blinken is headed to London for Ukraine Recovery Conference.