Moscow, 11 October 2023 (TDI): In a notable display of diplomatic engagement, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin engaged in a productive telephone conversation with the Interim President of Mali, Colonel Assimi Goita.

The discussion, held in a cordial and constructive atmosphere, underscored both leaders’ commitment to further strengthening bilateral relations between their nations.

During the exchange, President Vladimir Putin and Interim President Assimi Goita highlighted the imperative of bolstering trade and economic ties between Russia and Mali.

They deliberated on strategies to enhance bilateral trade, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that could drive economic growth in both nations. The leaders expressed their dedication to creating an environment conducive to flourishing trade relations.

Additionally, Vladimir Putin and Assimi Goita addressed the crucial matter of security cooperation. They affirmed their joint commitment to collaborate in providing security within the region, promoting stability, and combatting terrorism effectively.

Recognizing the shared challenges and the importance of unified efforts, both leaders pledged to work closely to ensure a safer future for their respective nations and the region as a whole.

The two leaders also discussed the necessity of implementing reforms to reinforce and streamline their bilateral cooperation effectively.

They emphasized the need for continuous improvement and adaptation to changing circumstances, acknowledging that a proactive approach is vital to meet evolving challenges and optimize mutual benefits.

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This conversation signified a pivotal moment in the diplomatic relationship between Russia and Mali, reinforcing the commitment of both nations’ leadership to a future of closer collaboration and shared prosperity.