Caracas, 11 October 2023 (TDI): On October 9, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro commented on the recent surge in violence that unfolded over the weekend in the Gaza Strip involving Israelis and Palestinians.

President Maduro stated that “Some individuals express their views on this longstanding conflict without fully grasping its historical complexities”

Additionally, he emphasized that the situation in that region has been labeled by the United Nations and human rights organizations as “a modern-day form of apartheid.

President Maduro pointed out that the United Nations (UN) had set forth guidelines in 1967 for the creation of two separate states, namely Palestine and Israel. But such mandatory decision has been consistently disregarded by all Israeli governments.

“The ongoing situation, marked by the start of an intensifying conflict, poses a significant threat to global peace and security,” stated President Maduro.

Moreover, he attributed this to the continual breach of the UN agreement and the consistent violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people.

The President of Venezuela urged individuals of the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths worldwide to advocate for compliance with the agreements laid out by the UN.

He stressed the significance of calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities, upholding the rights of the people, and initiating peace talks promptly to secure the historical rights of the Palestinian people, including their independence, territory & peace.

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In this context, President Maduro cautioned against the proliferation of misinformation on social media concerning the Israel and Palestine matter and voiced his opposition to violence.

Furthermore, he urged for a thorough examination of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Similarly, President Maduro emphasized that global public opinion and major media conglomerates often choose to stay silent in the face of the displacement, acts of violence, and the atrocities inflicted upon the Palestinian population.