Islamabad, 11 October 2023 (TDI): The Islamic Republic of Iran firmly condemns the atrocities and aggression committed by the Zionists and calls for global action against the apartheid Israeli regime targeting innocent Palestinian people.

It believes that the current crisis is the result of more than 70 years of denial regarding the legitimate and inherent right to self-determination of the Palestinian people.

The actions of the occupying regime have included constant aggression, usurpation, oppression, occupation, discrimination, and desecration, systematically inflicted upon the Palestinian people. These actions have created a fertile ground for reaction and escalations in the region.

Moreover, the widespread and constant violation of international law, international humanitarian law, and the established principles and norms of human rights within the historical homeland of the Palestinian people is troubling.

Innocent civilians, including women and children, have been subjected to violence and threats, leading to a humanitarian crisis that demands global attention.

Equally troubling is the deafening silence of Western countries regarding these actions over the decades. The normalization of relations with an illegitimate and racially discriminatory regime, along with the increasing desecration of Holy symbols of the Muslim faith, has further exacerbated the situation.

The lack of accountability and the silence of UN bodies, particularly the Security Council, have seemingly favored the occupying regime at the expense of the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights.

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The resistance operations carried out by the Palestinian people are seen as a natural and legitimate response to the extreme and criminal actions of the Zionist regime.

In accordance with international law, the inherent right to self-defense for all Palestinians must be recognized.

Additionally, the Islamic Republic of Iran has put forward a plan officially registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations Organization. This plan emphasizes that the question of Palestine can only be resolved by ending the occupation, recognizing the inalienable rights of self-determination for the Palestinian people, and conducting a national referendum with the participation of all Palestinians.

Iran stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and hopes that their resistance will lead to the realization of the Palestinian cause and the eventual return of Palestinian lands and the Al-Aqsa Mosque to their rightful owners.

While, the international community is urged to take immediate action to halt the violence perpetrated by the Zionist apartheid regime against Palestinian citizens, including women and children.