Islamabad, 7 March 2022 (TDI): Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan received a telephone call from the President of the European Council (EC), Charles Michel, today.

During the phone call, the President of the European Council expressed condolences over the loss of cherished lives in the terrorist attack. The attack was carried by a suicide bomber on a mosque in Peshawar, on 4 March 2022.

Aside from that, the two also deliberated upon the latest situation unfolding in Ukraine. In this context, Prime Minister Imran Khan communicated profound concern over the persisted military conflict.

He emphasized that further escalation would have a great negative impact on the region as well as the world. Imran Khan further enunciated that he had been persistently stressing the damaging economic consequences of the war on the developing countries.

Accentuating that Pakistan has held a principled position that it would only be a “partner for peace”, Prime Minister Imran Khan underscored the pressing need for a ceasefire as well as de-escalation. Moreover, he also underlined the significance of humanitarian aid for the civilians in Ukraine.

In addition, the Prime Minister pointed out during the call that Pakistan had friendly ties with both Russia and Ukraine, consequently, it had remained in close contact with both sides.

Likewise, Imran Khan expressed optimism about the resolution of the dispute through dialogue and diplomacy. Pakistan attaches great significance to its relations with the EU.

Thus, Imran Khan conveyed that he was looking forward to his visit to Brussels to meet the EU leadership. He also extended an invitation to President Charles Michel to visit Pakistan.

The two leaders acquiesced that countries like Pakistan could play a facilitating role in peace endeavours. President Charles Michel reiterated that both sides would remain closely committed to promoting shared objectives.