Santiago, 5 November 2022 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Antonia Urrejola participated in the reception along with the Chilean President,
Gabriel Boric.

A reception was organized for new Ambassadors accredited to Chile. The new Ambassadors accredited to Chile belong to the Order of Malta, Bangladesh, Egypt, Kenya, and Mongolia.

President Boric received the official presentation of the Ambassadors of the Order of Malta, Octavio Errázuriz; Egypt, Maher Almahdy; Mongolia, Shagdar Battsetseg; Kenya, Lemarron Kaanto, and Bangladesh, Sadia Faizunnesa.

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The Ambassadors were wished success in their diplomatic missions in addition to welcoming them to the country. During the reception, a protocol conversation was also held with each of the Ambassadors.

Letter of Credence

When states maintain good diplomatic and friendly relations, they appoint their respective Ambassadors and diplomatic missions. There is a certain process for appointing an Ambassador or diplomatic mission in any state.

This process holds roots in the history of international law and diplomacy. The most essential element of this process is the presentation of a diplomatic letter or credence letter.

When an Ambassador-designate arrives at their post in a specific country, they meet with the respective Foreign Minister to arrange an audience with the head of the state. This is arranged to present the letters of credentials.

The credential letter or letter of credence is a formal diplomatic letter. The letter designates a diplomat as an Ambassador to another sovereign state.

These diplomatic credentials are presented from one head of state to another to give acceptance or credence to the Ambassador’s claim of speaking for their country.

The letter of credence is presented to a head of a state by a foreign head of a state in presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to appoint the Ambassador. The letter confirms good relations that exist between the states.