Santiago, 4 October 2022 (TDI): Chile’s commitment to climate action is based on a set of ambitious climate targets, as it is vulnerable to climate change and its long-standing impacts.

The Foreign Minister of Chile, Antonia Urrejola met with the team that would represent Chile at the Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Egypt, this year.

This indicates Chile’s preparations to be a part of COP27 and contribute to climate action at the conference through negotiations.

Chile’s Climate Commitments

Climate change is impacting the world at large, and Chile is practically vulnerable to climate change due to the impacts of drought in southern and central Chile.

The drought began in 2010. This is damaging the economic sector, productivity, and biodiversity of the country.

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The government of Chile is putting the climate crisis as its priority. Chile has set a positive example in COP26 as well, where the delegate of Chile presented the country’s plan to reduce emissions and achieve a net zero carbon target by 2050.

Along these lines, Chile drafted a law (published in June 2022) and attained green investment plans. Similar targets and commitments are expected from the country and its government in the coming COP27 event in Egypt.


The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) will be held in Egypt this year from November 6- November 18.

The agenda of the conference would be to take action on all previous climate agreements to protect the people from the drastic effects of climate change.

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This conference is an opportunity for the world and its leaders to unite against an existential threat, as this could only be tackled through cooperation and serious commitments.

Chile in this regard has already set its course and is ready to negotiate and contribute to the climate action plan.