Karachi, 5 July 2022 (TDI): Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) stated that volunteers play an active role by vigorously participating in the beach clean drive initiative by PRC Sindh.

The main aim of the initiative is to urge people to recycle their products in order to make the beach and adjacent area clean.

Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) Sindh branch launched a beach clean drive project on 28 June 2022. Students from different universities, schools, and colleges participated in the initiative.

Moreover, the staff of the PRC and volunteers also showed a sense of civic responsibility by emphasizing the recycling of the products. They contributed to the decrease of plastic and marine pollution by gathering and cleaning plastic garbage from the beach.

Objectives of PRC’s beach cleaning drive initiative

The main objective of the initiative was to mobilize the local communities to take part in this healthy cleaning initiative. The cleaning drive initiative was meant to raise awareness of the severity of the maritime and beach debris problem.

Furthermore, the initiative aims to identify the importance of trash and the need to change the polluting behavior of people. So that the people are getting involved in removing the debris and garbage from the beach.

Joint Venture to Protect the Environment

Communities and stakeholders needed to collaborate for adaptation to climate change. The cleaning drive initiative was a collaboration between the Urban Action Kit (UAK), German Red Cross projects, and Climate Advocacy and Coordination for Resilient Action (CACRA).

One of the goals of CACRA is to enhance stakeholder engagement to develop tools for disaster risk management. This helps to reduce the climate change impacts on the local region.

Programme Coordinator GRC of Sindh, Ghulam Rasool said that the beach cleaning drive initiative is a part of the UAK project which is a quick initiative at a low cost. The initiative encourages the local communities to do it yourself which promoted urban resilience.

Students from different educational institutes are participating voluntarily. One of the students said the initiative’s goal is to establish a sense of responsibility in youth towards the environment.

Participation certificates and refreshments were given to the volunteers which encourages them and promoted more participation.