Lumut, 11 November 2021 (TDI): Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) TUGHRIL visited Naval Base Lumut in Malaysia. It was a goodwill visit and flag showing mission.

It arrived at the Malaysian naval base Lumut for a port call on December 6.

Pakistan’s defense attaché and senior Royal Malaysian Navy officials welcomed the arriving contingent at the Naval Base. The visiting delegation remained involved in a range of bilateral activities.

Activities at Naval Base Lumut

The visit of PNS TUGHRIL spread into two rounds. The harbor phase and the sea phase. Firstly, the harbor phase included tabletop discussions on professional matters and bilateral interactions. Secondly, the sea phase interaction took place.

The sea phase interaction included bilateral naval exercise MALPAK. The Straits of Malacca hosted the exercise. Both nations participated in the exercises. The Royal Malaysian Navy participated with a contingent of three ships and a helicopter.

The official spokesperson of the Pakistan Navy issued a statement. It read:

‘This Visit provided an opportunity for both countries to further enhance the existing close diplomatic ties & cordial relations.’

About Pakistan Navy Ship TUGHRIL

PNS Tughril is the lead ship of the Pakistan Navy’s Tughril class of guided missiles and air defense frigates. The Pakistan Navy ordered the ship TUGHRIL from the China State Building Corporation Limited. Also, it is one of the first four Type 054A frigates that were ordered. Last month PNS TUGHRIL visited the Port of Manila in the Philippines. It was also a goodwill interaction. The visit concluded with successful bilateral cooperation.

Pakistan Navy will remain busy in maritime exercises in the near future too. The upcoming maritime interaction will be taking place with The Royal Navy of Oman. Oman’s Navy will conduct joint naval exercises with Pakistan Navy (Al Thamar Al Tayeb). They will take place from December 13 to 18.


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