Philip Davis visit to Belize

Bahamas Prime Minister Phiip Davis in San Pedro to attend the Inter-Sessional conference of CARICOM.

San Pedro, 1 March 2022 (TDI): Philip Davis, the Bahamas Prime Minister, arrived at San Pedro on an official trip to Belize. The Bahamas Prime Minister is there to attend the 33rd Inter-Sessional Conference. 

The Bahamas Prime Minister was welcomed by Amalia Mai, Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 27. Prime Minister Davis is not alone in this official trip, he went with the delegation of the Bahamas to attend the conference.  

Indeed all CARICOM Members Heads of Governments are arriving in Belize. They will come together to discuss several key issues, for instance, economic, and regional security issues. For the Bahamian delegation, Climate Change is an important issue they want to tackle. However, they will stand hand by hand with the proposition of other nations of the community.

33rd Inter-Sessional Conference 

Belize is welcoming different Heads of Government and is ready to host the 33rd Inter-Sessional Conference of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). 

The 33rd Inter-Sessional Meeting will last from March the 1st to 2nd in San Pedro, Belize. Prime Minister John Antonio Briceño of Belize will be the Chairman of the conference.

In this 33rd CARICOM conference, the officials will discuss many issues. For instance, the post-pandemic economic situation, the recovery, and the security challenges in the region.

There is an expectation they will address advancement and the implementation of the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME).

In addition, they will examine the current situation of Haiti during the meeting. Haiti is suffering from an unstable political system and socio-economic challenges. Haiti is facing security challenges too.

Furthermore, the regional security situation will also come under discussion among the heads of Government. A regional security situation became a new challenge in the pandemic era for the Caribbean region.

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) 

The Caribbean Community is a regional organization established in 1973 and has 15 member states. Among the 15 members states, there are 14 nation-states and one dependency in the Caribbean Community. Its objective is to foster economic collaboration among member states and coordinate foreign policy.

The CARICOM’s key activities are to design states’ beneficial economic policies and coordinate relations among states. This organization is to devise and plan projects for underdeveloped countries under its principles. The CARICOM organization is operating as a market for member states. It handles trade operations and disputes too.