Karachi, 1 March 2022 (TDI): The French Consul General, Christian Testot stated that French investors are keen on investing in Sindh. The Consul General made these remarks in a meeting with the Chief Secretary of Sindh Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah.

The meeting took place in the provincial capital of Sindh that is Karachi. The significant development was that, that Christian Testot said that he himself would bring a delegation of French investors to Sindh.

Sindh Government and Investments

During the talks between the two, the Chief Secretary of Sindh shared that the government is supportive of investments. Local investments, as well as foreign investments, are incredibly encouraged by the Sindh government in various sectors.

To be more precise it was stated that investments in the energy sector are highly encouraged. For this, efforts are being made for the public as well as private cooperations.

Aside from that, the Counsel General of France also committed to bringing French investors to Pakistan so as to explore avenues of investment opportunities in Karachi, in particular, and Sindh in general.

Sindh province offers vast and lucrative prospects for investment to foreign enterprises. In addition, a special economic zone is also being established at Dhabeji to create investment opportunities. Dhabeji is an area near Karachi.

In terms of investment, the province of Sindh proffers a surfeit of opportunities in multifarious domains. These include the tourism sector in the province along with the automobile, water, transport as well as other sectors.

Diplomatic relations between France and Pakistan have been cordial from the onset. Both countries established diplomatic relations soon after Pakistan’s independence in 1947. The first trade agreement between the two countries was signed in 1966.