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Policy Dialogue on Gender Equality held in Pakistan


Multan, 27 March 2022 (TDI): The Gender Mainstreaming Standing Committee, Punjab, UNICEF Pakistan, UNFPA Pakistan, and UN Women Pakistan collaborated and organized a Policy Dialogue on Gender Equality.

The title of the dialogue was ” Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow”. The dialogue was held in Multan on Saturday.

The Purpose of the Dialogue

The aim of the dialogue was to highlight the challenges regarding gender parity. The problems under discussion were those faced by women of Pakistan in general and women of South Punjab in particular.

The concerns in the education sector were examined in relation to state fee challenges. The difficulties that girls face in obtaining an education were highlighted. The high percentages of children who are not in school were also noted. The importance and need of overcoming such flaws were then discussed.

There was another panel discussion on ways to enhance women’s economic empowerment. The female labor force was talked about under this panel discussion. Not only that but ways in which the female gender can be further supported and assisted economically were also highlighted.

It is pertinent to mention over here that though challenges and problems were first identified but then ways to overcome them were also brainstormed.

Recommendations for policy actions were given so that they could be implemented.

In a nutshell, the purpose is to help females get empowered and provide them with basic rights.

It is safe to say that such dialogues are in line with Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals. To be precise these dialogues can be safely mapped on the Sustainable Development Goal number 5 i.e.  “Gender Equality”.

Such dialogues and projects are proof that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is surely committed to achieving sustainable development goals that are targeting multiple domains and sectors.

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