Houston, 11 June 2022 (TDI): The Peruvian Consulate in Houston, Texas, organized the 1st “Peru to the World Expo” in Houston.

The Pakistani Consul General in Houston, Ambassador Abrar H Hashmi, took part in the Peruvian Cultural Expo.

The festival was hosted by the Consulate of Peru in Houston to promote Peruvian culture in the USA and the world. Ambassador Rodolfo Molina, the Consul General of Peru in Houston, inaugurated the event.

This was the first such expo that the Peruvian consulate in Houston organized. In a statement, the consulate said that “The ‘Peru to the World Expo, Houston, Texas’ event was held over the weekend in the city of Houston with great success”.

The event brought together more than 300 people from different nationalities. The people enjoyed Peru’s foods, as well as cultural music, dances, and other cultural manifestations of Peru.

More than 25 chefs from Peru and the United States participated in preparing and showcasing various Peruvian cuisine.

Apart from the Pakistani Consul General, Consuls from various other countries also attended the event. Moreover, city authorities, chambers of commerce, and representatives of the Peruvian diaspora also attended.

In addition, the Peruvian Congressman Juan Carlos Lizarzaburu, representative of overseas Peruvians, attended as a special guest.

Previously, Peruvian officials in New York held the ‘Peru to the World’ expo successfully in New York City multiple times. The Consulate expressed gratitude and appreciation to the ‘Peru to the World Expo Association’, its board, and the presence of the active Peruvian community in Houston.

Peruvian Cultural Diplomacy

The Directorate-General for Cultural Affairs of the Foreign Affairs Ministry is responsible for protecting, disseminating, and promoting the country’s cultural heritage abroad.

Moreover, it engages in cooperation and exchange in cultural, educational, and sports matters with other countries. Focusing on cultural, educational, sports, and public diplomacy.

Peru has a rich cultural heritage due to its ethnic and racial diversity and multiple influences.

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