New York, 15 November 2021 (TDI): The permanent representative of Malaysia to the UN, Syed Mohd Hasrin Aidid gave a speech at the plenary meeting of the 76th session of UNGA. He commenced his speech by thanking the co-chair of the previous session.

Malaysian Permanent Representative addressed Plenary Meeting of 76th UNGA

He went on to congratulate the emissaries of Qatar and Denmark for their permanent appointment as the co-chairman of the 76th annual meeting. Syed Mohd Hasrin Aidid reminded his fellow representatives about the pledge made by them; when it comes to the reformation of the UN Security Council.

He enunciated that in the 2005 World Summit it was concluded that everyone will support the reform of UNSC. Moreover, he reminded everyone that last year at the 75th session, the same decision was reiterated. However, the Malaysian representative pointed out that there is not much progress in this regard.

Malaysia’s Stance on Reformation of UNSC

He told the General Assembly that Malaysia still holds a strong ground when it comes to text-based negotiations; as Malaysia believes this is the best strategy if we want reform in UNSC. Furthermore, Malaysia is very flexible when it comes to finding alternative routes for the reformation process.

Aidid further reminded the President of UNGA that Malaysia is persistent in advocating for reform. Malaysia wants a UNSC that is transparent, legitimate and has fair regional representation; which portrays the geopolitics of the world.

Eradication of Veto Practice

He elucidated that his country still holds a strong position when it comes to the eradication of the Veto practice. The ongoing veto system should not be practiced when it comes to international crimes; genocide, war crimes, and humanitarian issues.

The Malaysian representative underlined that his delegation recapitulated that the use of veto power should not lie in the hand of one great power. At least two major powers should veto a resolution and the rest of the three should support their fellow member.

UNSC Reformation for International Peace and Security

He told the President that Malaysia has always adopted an approach that is rational when it comes to the reformation process. In his concluding remarks, Aidid called on all the member states to show pliability with regards to UNSC reformation for international peace and security. He assured the session that Malaysia is committed to this cause.