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Palestine condemns Israel’s refusal of US initiative


East Jerusalem, 8 November 2021 (TDI): Israel hinders the reopening of the US consulate in occupied East Jerusalem, Palestine.

Israel, as the occupying power, has no right to veto the US administration’s decision to reopen its consulate in the city, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated.

“East Jerusalem is an inseparable part of the occupied Palestinian territory and is the capital of the state of Palestine. Israel, as the occupying power, does not have the right to veto the US administration’s decision,” the statement said.

After the Trump administration closed the US consulate in Jerusalem, current Secretary of State Antony Blinken has promised to reopen it. This move could help improve US ties with the Palestinians, which were broken under the previous administration.

In a press conference, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett repeated Israel’s position on Jerusalem saying that there was no room in Jerusalem for another American mission.

Israel’s statements are an obstacle in rejecting the promised reopening of the US consulate. The reopening of the consulate symbolizes a part of the international community’s commitment to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Arantza Renteria Vizcarra
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