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Pakistan’s food exports to Middle East hit $700 million


Abu Dhabi, 22 February 2024(TDI): In a testament to Pakistan’s burgeoning presence in the UAE’s food market, Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Pakistan’s Envoy to the UAE, announced that the country’s agriculture and food exports to the Middle East and Gulf region have exceeded $700 million during the current financial year.

This milestone achievement underscores the success of Pakistan’s consistent participation in the annual Dubai food exhibition and its commitment to enhancing market access for its products.

Gulfood Exhibition: Global Business Collaborations

The five-day Gulfood Exhibition, renowned as one of the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade exhibitions, commenced on February 19 and will continue until February 23, 2024.

Ambassador Tirmizi, alongside a contingent of Pakistani exhibitors, inaugurated the Pakistan Pavilion at Zaa’beel Hall 6, World Trade Centre Dubai, marking the commencement of a five-day showcase of Pakistan’s diverse food offerings.

The Ambassador expressed his elation at the 40% surge in exports of Pakistani food-related items to the region within just one year, attributing this growth to the exceptional quality and appeal of Pakistani products in the UAE market.

Notably, products such as rice and meat have witnessed a remarkable increase in demand, highlighting Pakistan’s prowess in meeting the culinary preferences of the region.

Furthermore, Ambassador Tirmizi emphasized Pakistan’s status as one of the world’s largest milk producers and commended the numerous dairy product exporters participating in this year’s Gulfood Exhibition.

He underscored the significance of enhancing exports as a pathway to economic prosperity for Pakistan, urging stakeholders to explore untapped markets for further growth.

The Gulfood Exhibition, hosting over 500 exhibitors from 200 countries, serves as an invaluable platform for fostering business-to-business collaborations and joint ventures.

Ambassador Tirmizi highlighted the diverse representation of Pakistani firms across various sub-sectors, including dairy, meat, poultry, and beverages, underscoring the country’s rich culinary heritage and manufacturing capabilities.

Chief Executive TDAP

Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chief Executive of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), echoed Ambassador Tirmizi’s sentiments, noting the substantial increase in Pakistani exhibitors at Gulfood each year.

He projected Pakistan’s food exports to surpass $7 billion globally by the end of the financial year, attributing this growth to targeted efforts in promoting food and food-allied products.

Pakistani exhibitors at Gulfood shared their success stories, citing numerous deals and market expansions facilitated by the exhibition.

Mustafa Hemani, CEO of the Hemani Group of Companies, reported significant business growth resulting from Gulfood, with deals signed with companies from various countries, including Belgium and Kosovo.

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As Pakistan continues to carve its niche in the global food market, events like Gulfood serve as catalysts for driving exports and fostering international partnerships.

With unwavering support from the Pakistani Mission and TDAP, Pakistani exporters are poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities, further solidifying Pakistan’s position as a key player in the UAE’s dynamic food industry.

The writer is a dedicated graduate student pursuing an MPhil in DSS from NDU Islamabad.

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